Our Responsibility

Green Karma is 100% committed to sustainable gardening and business practices. We value living on a healthy planet, and in the face of climate change, we are committed to not only reducing our carbon footprint, but positively impacting our world through gardening and education. Our gardens can contribute to the surrounding environment by providing native wildlife habitat, converting Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen, and increasing personal happiness. We are part of a global collective effort to support local ecosystems while slowing climate change. 

Our Promise

Green Karma is reducing our carbon footprint by buying Carbon Credits to offset any gasoline emissions we create. We use electric tools which are better for the environment and quiet to operate. The use of organic soil, fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides is essential to our practice, and incorporating native plants with beautiful ornamental plants helps to bridge gardens with natural ecosystems and provide vital habitat for native wildlife like Monarch Butterflies. We recycle or responsibly dispose of all products that we use in our practice.

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