With over 18 years of professional horticultural experience, Sam and David offer Windsor's first Eco-friendly gardening services. We are a small business that is passionate about plants and constantly learning new information and techniques about environmentally friendly gardening practices. From our free estimates, right through to the finished job,  you can be assured that we are offering you honest garden advice, our hard work ethic and thoughtful customer services at reasonable rates. We are meticulous in our attention to detail, and we will leave your property clean and tidy!


We care about our clients, local wildlife, and the environment; our goal is to help you create your ideal living space that positively impacts your surroundings. Whether it is designing a splendid floral butterfly garden, adding in specifically selected native plants into an existing landscape, building raised veggie beds, adding a rain garden, or creating an eye catching store front display, we can collaborate with you to make it a reality.  

Primary Services:

Maintenance: Weeding and Clean ups

Spring, fall, one time, or scheduled clean ups and maintenance: We know how to handle even the toughest jobs through expert knowledge, proper technique and determination.

Pruning & Hedging

Our extensive horticultural knowledge means that all your plants will be pruned correctly for optimum health and aesthetic. We offer hedging, small tree pruning, shrub maintenance, perennial care, and more.

Design & Planting

We want you to love your property! We offer thorough, in-person consultations. We are experts in helping you design and plant annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, vegetables and fruits, and colourful container plantings.

Soil Amending & Fertilizing

The bases for all healthy gardens is a rich, organic, loam soil. We can amend your soil to create an ideal soil where plants can thrive. We use organic based soils, composts, fertilizers and minerals to help your plants reach their optimal health.

Specialty Services:

Wildlife Friendly Gardens

No matter how big or how small your garden or patio, having wildlife friendly plantings or planters is easy and rewarding. You will be amazed at how your planting will bring birds, bees, and butterflies into you garden.

Hanging Baskets and Containers

We can create hanging baskets and containers for any place or style. From shade planters, wildlife attracting perennials, succulent planters, colourful and trailing hanging baskets, and so much more. We can create custom plantings just for you.

Indoor Tropical Containers

Tropical plants can bring a house to life. Plus they improve indoor air quality. There are plants that can suit almost any nook, cranny or room. From bright spots to dark corners, large specimens, to small, there is a plant to beautify your home.

Topiary Pruning

Specialized pruning techniques and a meticulous attention to detail is vital. Topiaries need to be pruned regularly in order to maintain health and shape. Specific plant  knowledge and method are key.

Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

Growing your own food is not only rewarding, but can be cost saving for your yearly grocery costs. Plus, it is more environmentally friendly, and better for your health because you can control the amount of fertilizer and pesticides  applied.

Indoor/Outdoor Garden Decor

Decorating your property can increase the appeal of your home. Bird houses, feeders, cement statues, fence art, decorative pots, patio furniture, and more, offer a chance to really make your garden special and unique to suit your lifestyle.