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     Bees play a vitally important role in our ecosystem and agriculture as pollinators, and THEY ARE IN TROUBLE. Bee populations across the entire planet are in dramatic decline, and this warrants not only alarm, but a call to action. If there is one small thing you can do in your garden to make a big impact, it is is to provide food, water, and shelter for bees. 

     Native bees come in a myriad of colours besides the typical black and yellow, and most are docile and won't sting. You would be surprised at the variety of bees flying around that don't look like 'typical' bees.

They primarily nest in the ground, hollow stems, dead woods, or dense shrubs. Undisturbed sites and a continuous supply of pollen rich flowering plants are important, as is sources of water for them to drink.

Plant season long blooms to support bees from early spring until fall.