About Us

Hello, we are Green Karma Gardening, and we are so proud to be bringing over 17 years of professional gardening experience to the Windsor Essex region. Gardening is a passion of ours, so is being outside and enjoying life. We believe that a beautiful and healthy garden can benefit not only your life in many ways, but also the world around you. We are meticulous, knowledgable, friendly, and fair. We are excited to work with you to make you gardening dreams come true.

Our Vision

"Be the Change that You Wish to See in the World."

We believe one person, or in this case two people, can affect change by thinking globally, but acting locally. Gardening is one way we can positively contribute to our local ecosystems, and through the collective effort of gardeners across the world, impact global change. 

Green Karma is founded on the principles of organic gardening, and we use the most sustainable business and gardening methods available to us including electric tools, carbon credits, organic fertilizers, promoting biodiversity and native plants to name a few.

So let's gain some Good Karma by making the world a little more green each day.

David and Samantha


David was born in North Vancouver, BC. Where he grew up close to nature, and why he started in the gardening industry in 2002. Since then he has worked for an arborist in Australia, he was the General Manager for a Boutique Garden Centre and Nursery in North Van, and he was the Operations Manager for a Landscape Company servicing Vancouver. David has extensive horticulture knowledge and loves landscape design. He is a Jack-of-all-Trades and has been landscaping in Windsor since Spring 2016.


Sam is from Windsor, Ontario. She has been working in gardens ever since she met David in 2014. She loves plants and animals; Sam has been a Registered Veterinary Technician for the past 9 years. Travelling has developed a deep appreciation for the natural world within her; hence, her passion for gardening was born. Being outside amongst nature is one of her favourite places to be. She is interested in organic gardening, growing your own food, and wildlife friendly gardening. 

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